wanted Bride (ID 1095) (10)

Nair boy, age 29 yrs., chothy, 180, sudham, M.Sc. professional upper middle class working in MNC. contact: 9446748641, email:

wanted Bride (ID 1094) (10)

Handsome nair boy, age 29 yrs., 185cm. in height, chathayam, rich family, diploma engineer, working in sharjah, family status, seeks alliance from parents of tall, beautiful family oriented nair girls. contact: 9847288881, 9746645123

wanted bride (ID 1093) (10)

Ernakulam based handsome menon boy, age 35, 180cm. in height, Punartham (Sudhajathakam)own a leading advertising agency in Cochin. well settled and from reputed nair family seeks alliance from good looking girls from good nair family. contact: 9895754384

wanted Groom (ID 1092) (10)

RCSC girl, upper middle class parents settled in Bangalor, seek proposal for their only daughter, age 26 yrs., 159cm. in height, BBM, Christ College, presently managing family business, looking alliance from well employed or business boys parents. preferably B/B outside Kerala. contact: 09845029905, 08085442025. email:

wanted Bride (ID 1091) (10)

Proposals invited for Orthodox boy, age 30 yrs., MBA working in commercial firm in Central Kerala, from parents of god-fearing educated girls. contact: 9495883545

wanted Bride (ID 1090) (10)

NRI Marthomite parents from Central Travancore invite proposal for their son, age 28, 182cm. in height, MBA, UK working as Bank Officer in Qatar from parents of well educated god fearing marthomite/CSI girls below 26. contact: 9447431216, email:

wanted Bride (ID 1089) (10)

NRI Marthomite Parents invite proposals for their son, age 30 yrs, 5'9", fair, atheletic, MS (Comp Engg) employed in Australia. contact: 00971506532172, email:

wanted groom (ID 1088) (10)

Aristocratic christian boy, age 29 yrs., 175cm. in height, MCA MCTE Australia. Prefer employed in Australia. contact: 8547379501, email:

wanted groom (ID 1087) (10)

Upper middle class ezhava mumbai parents invite proposals for daughter MBA, age 29 yrs. 163cm. in height/7th chowa dosham from well qualified employed boys. contact: 022 28208348, 09833441868

wanted groom (ID 1086) (10)

Proposals invited for RCSC (Thrissur Diocese) girl,, working as business analyst, age 24 yrs., 158cm. in height, fair, slim, from parents of professionally qualified boys. contact: 9947346228, 9048570288

wanted groom (ID 1085) (10)

Parents from Palakkad invites proposals for RCSC doctor girl, age 28 yrs./157cm. in height, fair, bright, studying for MD at Thrichur. Doctors with PG preferred. CA/PG Engg/Phd/working in Kerala from financially sound families will also consider. contact: 9495923822, 04924 238222, email:

wanted groom (ID 1084) (10)

Postgraduate daughter of bank officer/lecturer couple, age 24 yrs, 160cm. in height from any protestant denomination. contact: 9995533344

wanted groom (ID 1083) (10)

UK. After Masters from UK, working on permanent residence (PR) in a multimillion business organisation in UK, as garment technologist/quality controller, from orthodox syrian christian upper middle class family, age 30, 167cm. in height,now at home, invites proposals from parents of well qualified syrian christian god-fearing boys of good family backgrounds. contact: 093495 50297, email:

wanted groom (ID 1082) (10)

Delhi settled Marthomite MBA girl, age 24, 152cm. in height, working govt. bank c.o., preffered govt.employees (Delhi settled). Contact: 09810403780, email:

wanted groom (ID 1081) (10)

Proposals invited for marthomite girl, age 24, 164cm. in height,, employed in TCS from parents of employed professionals. contact: 98460 78167, 94953 03300, 0471 2305090, email:

wanted Bride (ID 1080) (10)

NRI Marthomite Business parents invite proposals for their son age 28, 172cm. in height, engineer, tesco, bangalore, from qualified fair girls. Respond bio data with photo. email:

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