wanted groom (ID 1063) (10)

Ex-NRI Marthomite parents invite proposals for daughter, age 26, 5'3", Masters in law (London), born-again, independent ornaments wearing church from professionally qualified born again boys. contact: 9656814372

wanted groom (ID 1062) (10)

NRI Marthomite parents invite proposals for their daughter M.Sc. Biotechnology, fair, 24 years, 152cm. in height, brought up and educated in Dubai. Parents of well educated, well placed boys preferably in UAE please respond. contact: 00971506316751/0473 5230562, email:

wanted groom (ID 1061) (10)

Ex-NRI CSI parents from Central Travancore seek suitbale alliance for their daughter age 24, 168cm. in height, MBA from parents of God fearing boys. contact: 9846210324.

wanted bride (ID 1060) (10)

Pentecost parents invite proposals for son, age 25, 187cm. in height, fair, baptized, spiritual and God fearing, B.Tech, working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. contact: 00971506131852, email:

wanted bride (ID 1059) (10)

Syrian Pentecostal boy,, age 29, 172cm. in height, medium, financial analyst MNC Muscat, family status, seeking suitable alliance. contact: 9544977551, email:

wanted bride (ID 1058) (10)

Orthodox boy age 38, 168cm. in height, fair,, PGDCA, CCNA, Oracle DBA, MBA (Doing), leaving to Oman June end. Seeks match. contact: 9895933292

wanted bride (id 1057) (10)

Orthodox parents invite proposal for their son, age 32,164cm. in height, working as IT support in USA (Greencard). From Christian parents for girls. contact: 09916461341, email:
Religion : Christian

wanted bride (id 1056) (10)

Proposals are invited for a Marthomite boy age 28, 168cm. in height, diploma, working in a European company, Dubai with salary of 1 lakh
Religion : Christian
Contact number : 0484 2424345

wanted Bride (ID 1009) (10)

Proposals are invited for a Marthomite boy age 32, 182cm. in height, M.Sc, working as an office manager in a reputed engineering firm in Trivandrum. From parents of employed fair girls. (Teachers, Engineers, I.T., Bank, M.B.A. contact: 0468 2268416, mob: 9446911721

wanted Bride (ID 1008) (10)

NRI Marthomite Parents invite proposals for their son age 28, 174cm. in height, B.Tech, working in MNC Bangalore, from parents of God fearing, B.Tech Girls, preferable slim, fair, smart & working in Bangalore. contact: 0468 2214333, mob: 9961220717, email:

Groom Wanted (10)


Groom Wanted (ID 1054) (10)

Marthomite parents proposal for their daughter, Age 26, 5'5"in height, M.Sc Nursing, B/B Mumbai invites suitable, contact: 09821329503, email:, contact: 022 25928616

Groom Wanted (ID 1053) (10)

Marthomite NRI parents on vacation invite proposal for daughter. Doctor, Age 26, 163cm. in height, fair, DNB Gynecology 2nd year. Looking for God fearing Doctors/Engineers, Marthomite/CSI preferred. contact: 04735 204044, 9847451753

Groom Wanted (ID 1052) (10)

Jacobite parents invite proposals for their daughter, Age 28, 162cm. in height, M.SC., IELTS, medium complexion from parents of highly qualified boys abroad. contact: 09746297229

Groom Wanted (ID 1051) (10)

BDS girl, Age 25, 160cm. in height, working in Super Speciality Hospital & preparing for MDS, from PG Doctors/professionals. contact: 9961824079, 04734 260036, email:

Groom Wanted (ID 1050) (10)

Proposals invited from boys interested to come to Australia with Degree or Post Graduation for 33 years old, 155cm. in height, Cyrian Christian Jacobite divorcee girl with no encumbrance. contact:, ph: 9544054086

മഞ്ജുവിനെ കാണാന്‍ ആ ചിത്രത്തിന്റെ ലൊക്കേഷനില്‍ ദിലീപെത്തി ; അന്നത്തെ വാശിയില്‍ ചെയ്തത് ?

ദിലീപും മഞ്ജു വാര്യരും പ്രണയത്തിലായിരുന്ന കാലത്ത് നടന്ന സംഭവമാണിത്.മലപ്പുറം


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